The magic of photography – creating new worlds

The magic of photography – creating new worlds

December 25, 2019 18 By Claire

Thank you, Lara for asking me to share on your page. Hello my name is Claire. I am 32 years old. I am from South Tyneside, UK. I am a mother of 4 beautiful children.

I have always enjoyed taking photos. It must have been about 10 years ago when it became an almost daily thing for me. It started as a hobby, but I quickly realised just how much it helped me with my mental health and so now it is more therapeutic. I call it the magic of photography. I love editing to see what I can create with a pretty basic image I have taken, and the results can be quite strange and unique.

My favourite style of photography is black and white. It seems to capture things with more detail, and I absolutely love shadows! I am focused on creating unique edits at the minute which my photos on here will show.

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Now Northern lights keep it company…

A tree at night

The tree

I took this photo in the town next to me. The area is not too great to look at, which just means it is a great challenge and nice achievement when I can create something that actually looks pretty. What I like about this particular piece is that it kind of looks like it has been taken under the Northern Lights. The original is actually just of a dull dying tree sitting on its own, under a light blue and pinky sunset sky.

I was dreaming of an ethereal sky…

An edited picture of a pier at sunset

At the pier

This purple photo was taken on a miserable day and a storm was brewing. I had gone down to the pier in the hope of seeing dolphins. I did not see them but I was not disappointed with the shots that I did get. The sky just looked amazing that day. With this photo, there was actually a lighthouse at the bottom of the pier.

I used mirror image and blended the photo together to create a larger pier and the lighthouse vanished with that. It really brings out the sky better. The touch of purple reflected my moods to be honest, I felt quite cheery and happy. The original piece I made black and white, which again reflected my mood at the time. Moody and depressed ha.


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When we go to see the horses…

Horse in the sunset

Horse in the sunset

This was taken on my walk down to the Tyne. We like to go and see the horses. It is a nice and relaxing walk, especially in the warmer months. This horse never stops grazing. It must see humans and think it needs to look busy to avoid contact. It is the only one who will not come to greet you, but I am determined to gain its trust.

And then I went infrared…

A chapel in a cemetery

The chapel

The final piece… This is in my local cemetery. The cemetery has to be my most favourite place to go. I find it so relaxing and calming. There are squirrels that run all over and they are great to watch and a challenge to catch on camera. This photo was taken with my infrared camera. It is a cheap camera that was converted to infrared. I absolutely love the way this creates images. I added it to lightroom and put a blue filter on to it and messed about with the contrast etc. I was aiming for the moody feel to this piece since it was in a cemetery, and I think it worked quite well. It is one of my favourite pieces.

Thank you so much for taking time to read my piece. I hope you enjoyed my work and found inspiration in it.Happy snapping everyone and happy holidays!



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Claire's Instagram account: gollygosh5

Claire’s Instagram account: gollygosh5