The magic of nature – from Russia with love

The magic of nature – from Russia with love

July 24, 2019 36 By Ksenia

Ardent greetings from Russia, precisely From the great city of St. Petersburg! The city built by Peter the Great, the sovereign and also the City on the river Neva. My name is Ksenia and I am so happy to be here. I am married to the most wonderful man in the world and together we have an amazing teen son. Ready to find the magic of nature?

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Love at first sight – and so my story began

Shlissenburg's colours

Shlissenburg’s colours

My photography story began upon moving to a small town called Shlisselburg (near St. Petersburg).

The first breath of air in Shlisselburg was enough for me to fall in love with this town. I realized I felt at home here, it was a part of me!

I walked around the neighborhood and photographed anything I saw. I wanted to capture every corner, every blade of grass, every bird, and suddenly I was on the banks of the Neva River… And then my heart “ached” with happiness: tears gushed from my eyes! I felt like I was reborn, my life had really begun from that very moment.

Catching moments- I am one with nature

Shlissenburg's forest in Winter

Shlissenburg’s forest in Winter

So I started to catch moments. After all, our whole life is made of moments. I love nature so much, especially sunsets over water. When I am out in the golden hour, it seems to me that this is kind of supernatural. I love forest, especially when you are walking, and you can feel the soft moss under your feet, surrounded by mushrooms, pine cones and the smell of mossy leaves, dampness and pine needles.

And these regions are also notable for what we call “white nights” This is when the night is as light as during the day, that is, the sun does not completely hide behind the horizon. If you intend to come to Russia to experience the “white night phenomenon”, be sure to make some time between the end of May and the end of July. Such a delightful sight, absolutely worth it!

And how not to mention the Europe’s largest freshwater lake located in Ladoga? It is rich in fish and surrounded by dense forests. Nature is amazing here and once again, it is impossible to not to fall in love with these places! They lull you like a cradle and you can easily dissolve in this bliss.


Talking through photography – so much love to give

Sun through trees

This is what I call the magic of nature

Yeah, I am a nature enthusiast and at some point I felt the need to share these beauties with the world. I started an Instagram account in April 2017 and to this day I feel blessed to be able to share my portion of the world with my followers.

When Lara asked me to guest post on her blog (by the way her name sounds like Larissa in Russian, very sweet) I was over the moon: I had another chance to share my work. She has been featuring a lot of talented amateur photographers so far and I cannot believe I am now part of the club.

I hope you all appreciate my vision of the world expressed through photography. For me taking pictures is showing appreciation for a place or telling someone that I love them. When words are not enough, photography steps in. Capturing a sunset conveys my love for life, immortalizing my loved ones is like writing a love letter.

Thank you very much for making some time to read my piece and to look at my pictures. If you want to see more of my work, then please follow me on Instagram. All of your comments mean a lot and help me improve. For sure I make mistakes, but I am not afraid to express myself and that is what matters at the end of the day.

Lots of love,


Dawn in Shlissenburg

It’s the dawn of a new day in Shlissenburg



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Ksenia's Instagram account: kseniarichchi4545

Ksenia’s Instagram account: kseniarichchi4545