The impact of photography on my life – exploring my world

The impact of photography on my life – exploring my world

May 28, 2019 56 By Annelie Worgard

Sometimes life pleasantly surprises you. The invitation from Lara was such a lovely surprise. Thank you so much, Lara, for this kind and generous invite to guest post on your blog. I feel honored and humbled to be part of this list of talented photographers and to be able to talk about the impact of photography on my life.

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Discovering digital photography – The key to my long gone world of creating.

Sitting still

Sitting still

My name is Annelie Worgard, and I live in Sweden. I have been photographing since 2003. With both me and my husband in the IT-business, we got interested in these new digital cameras. We bought one just for fun, and I did not expect it would have such an impact in and on my life. My longing finally found a way to express itself. I felt I was given a creative language that I almost forgot. When I was young, I liked to paint, make drawings and write poetry but I never understood how important that was… Until that moment. All those nights writing poetry and sketching came flushing back to me.  I am deeply grateful for the digital era of * cameras, and it was what took me back into the world of creating. I wrote this a couple of years ago, and it still sounds right to me:

”A seemingly new world opened up when I looked through the camera lens. A world I forgot that I saw as a child. Now it was here again, beautiful, enchanting and with a myriad of colors, shapes, and above everything else, it was full of life.

I feel like a world explorer when I go out with my camera – exploring my part of the world. As if I get a chance to see everything again, in a more intensive way. That is why I am taking pictures. ”


A new mindset – waiting for pictures to come to me

Grass in the first frost of November

Grass in the first frost of November

I live in the countryside of Sweden, so naturally, my subjects came and still are from the nature surrounding me.  Often I go out, sit down and wait for the pictures or stroll through the landscape. It is all very much like an active meditation. I have learned that I need an undemanding mindset to see what is really around me. I only rarely plan my pictures, although I have noticed that knowing the place or coming back to it over and over again helps. This way of thinking about photography or strategy comes from having had a stressful work where you were always interrupted by higher priority tasks. The more structured and disciplined mind that my job required has to stay at home when I go out. In these walks, I find my hiding place. With my camera I am able to bring home little snippets of the beauty and abundance around me.


Fighting my insecurities – do what you love and love what you do

A chair in a black and white scenery

The Chair

For me, photography – at its best – is poetry without words.  It is a wonderful way of connecting and communicating with other people.

I cannot say how my style has changed or evolved over the years that have passed. It probably has, but I am not the right person to tell. I naturally have a bit better technical skillset now, a better camera, some more lenses. I have lost some of the beginner’s enthusiasm, but there are ways to trick my mind to get back to that state. I know a bit better how to handle my inner critic. The best way I know of is to lose myself in the making of a picture. Work with perspective, angles, depth of field, yes everything. Just do, do, do until you stop thinking. Your critic of yourself will eventually stop. Then the seeing comes. If I were asked for a piece of advice to someone eager to pick up this hobby, it would be just that.  Become an explorer of your world, do you have a hobby? Get deep into that hobby with your camera, and it will truly show in the result.

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All you need to please is your eyes and your heart – my special method

A big butterfly lying on a statue

I have your heart

We all know that it is more than just the subject in a picture that matters. The person looking at an image is as important as the picture itself. What I find beautiful someone else finds it boring and vice versa. The good thing with that knowledge is that you can truly relax and your only job is to find out what pleases your eyes and heart.

What I just said – we all know – is true but, it is also easier said than done. Right? It is so easy to listen to our inner critic.

This voice inside that seems to be never satisfied with what you do.

So far, the best way for me to do that has been to see my pictures as if I were one of my colleagues, my team or my friends. After all, I have not created the beauty around me, nor have I created the camera that can capture it. So, by seeing my pictures as if I were one my friends, I have no problem with liking them or talking about them. After all, this hobby turned out to be a life renewer. I would not spend a day without it.


The sky after a storm

After the rain

I have been on the internet for some time, but only recently I got an Instagram account, and I love it. It is so effortless. You just simply send out your pictures, like little balloons, one by one.  So much talent in one place. So many fantastic photos. And from the whole world.  So inspiring.  Below is my Instagram, please feel welcome to follow me to see more of my pictures.

Thanks for your attention,

Annelie Worgard's Instagram account

Annelie Worgard’s Instagram account