The colors of poetry – evolution of my heart

The colors of poetry – evolution of my heart

April 30, 2019 126 By Lara

Never in my life had I written a poem, then weeks ago I met Molly Gentzsch, one of my last guest posters.
Her beautiful mind has opened a whole new world to me. What a blessing!

I thought that photography was my only way to convey my feelings and my emotions… I was utterly wrong.
I found the missing piece, I found Poetry… Now I feel emotionally complete.

As odd as it may sound, pictures has been my words forever, but they are no longer enough.
My heart has a new canvas and I need to fill it with the colors of poetry.

Below is a collection of my poems. They accompany the pictures they were inspired by.

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Silent Green

A green valley

Silent green,

My Spring has come clean,

Lost in this valley,

I found a reason to rally.


Bright Spring

White flowers

Bright Spring,

My one and only fling,

All the sadness cowers,

While I dream of white flowers.


By the bay

A bay at sunset

Another day,

Spent by the bay,

I just cannot blear,

The colors of yesteryear.

By the bay poster

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To the nub

Beach view

If we get to the nub,

I was none other than a shrub,

In the flower of my youth,

And searching for the truth.


Forays and dreams

Sea view from the woods

I reached the top of the brae,

To see my trees sway,

I made a foray into the sky,

To kiss my clouds goodbye.


My secret beach

Ocean view

No knives and no fire,

Can stop a roaring tiger,

There is no room for creech,

On my secret beach.


My bight

Beach rocks

I swooned at the sight,

Of the colors of my bight,

Nothing said, nothing done,

My life had just begun.

Chiming memories

Walking to the sea

I find myself to wheeze,

In my quest for memories,

I should stop somewhere in time,

To hear the bells chime.


My colorful fields

Purple flowers

Another long, wakeful night,

Dejection is hampered by my childhood kite,

Like a gentle shield,

Watching over my colorful fields.


The bay of rocks

Rock formation on the beach

I remember our walks

In the bay of rocks,

We could take in stride,

Even the wildest tide.


The city of golden green

Tree-lined avenue

“Have you ever seen,

The city of golden green?”

My heart beat so fast,

That it stayed in the past.


A plan

Glimpse of the lake through the trees

We were a plan,

A woman and a man,

Love in human guise,

No one else could fantasize.


Our first dance

Woods at dusk

We met in the enchanted glade,

To bid farewell to my maiden braid,

The sky wore a purple gown,

And our first dance went down.


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Our first dance poster

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Breathing blue

Ocean view

Let me wear your garment,

Just a sky fragment,

I can see you through,

I am breathing blue.


Velvet and Desire

Beach view

I wish I could portray,

The flavour of that May,

Love would transpire,

Between velvet and desire.



I would like to thank each and every one of my readers for taking time to read this unusual piece of mine. This is probably the most emotional post I have ever published on my blog, and I cannot even begin to tell you how much your support means to me.