the beauty of photography and travel -my story

the beauty of photography and travel -my story

June 13, 2019 30 By Aaliyah

Hello, my name is Aaliyah and I am an aspiring young photographer from the UK. Today I am going to talk about the beauty of photography and travel. For as long as I can remember I have been taking pictures usually borrowing my mum’s camera. I would take my dad’s old phone only when we went travelling because of its larger screen. It started as fun… Using a mobile made me feel like an adult, but then, as I got older I started to take the photo thing more seriously. I was first into nature photography taking pictures of my neighbour’s flowers. I would spend hours capturing any single bloom.

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Wow wow wow – what a Christmas gift!

The ocean

Shining water

Fast forward to the future, last Christmas came with a big surprise: I was gifted with a Canon 4000d camera! I knew It was expensive so in the beginning I wanted to be really careful but at the same time I was beyond excited! After an adjustment period, I now use it to take pictures of nature and landscapes and I am even dabbing into portrait pictures. I was so used to just using the camera on my HTC phone, and this was so new to me and I had to get my head around all the new settings .
And again I was so used to low quality images that the quality on the canon camera looked unreal.

Needless to say, I am now a lot more motivated to chase my dreams. I feel a lot more independent with my shots and know what I want to do whether they were portrait, landscape or nature.

Dreaming of Italy – with my new camera

An old building

Hungry for art and architecture

I may be young but thanks to my dad’s job I have been able to travel to many countries; Visiting many places has given me inspiration for creating my own photos; Combining “business” with pleasure is priceless. I have taken a range of different photos by travelling from beaches to buildings. I have many, actually.

By travelling I have also been able to find the beauty around the world, and my camera has given me the chance to capture it. A place I would like to visit again is Italy, as I was quite young when we went there as family. Such a beautiful country!

If I had the chance to go there again, I would like to capture photos of landscapes and architecture as their buildings are quite vintage, and there is also a lot of history behind them. I am sure my Canon would do a great job!
Italy is one of my favourite places where my dad worked: history, tradition and food… I love Italian food!

Beauty is everywhere – inspiration and response


Broomrapes are more delicate than one might think…

Even though I want to travel to explore and take pictures, you can take pictures in the city you are in as there is beauty around us, and inspiration can come from anywhere. Some of my photos are taken when I go on a walk with friends: I did that even when I did not have a professional camera and would just use the camera on my cracked phone. Now it is just seeing beautiful things through new lenses.

My work is mostly landscapes and nature, but I have also created studio work inspired by different photographers and even an artist that paints her portraits. I took inspiration as I liked this artist’s style of work. She covered the faces of her subjects by using flowers or animals and I decided to respond to this through my photography.

I also draw inspiration by looking at other photographers’ work and styles on Pinterest. I have also created a board where I like to save these I also have a board for travelling, so that I know what places would be great to travel to.

It also gives me more motivation to work for my dreams so that one day it will happen and that I don’t need to worry. I would recommend Pinterest if you are lost for ideas, but also if you are not into photography: there are still other interesting topics on there.
Digital Photography School Resources

My creativity at full speed – here is to my future


Energy and Passion

I have always been a creative person, I loved art as a child. I enjoyed painting when I was younger, as I was a shy child.
I found it difficult to talk to people and make friends, so I would just draw and create art by using my imagination.
I was always different so drawing and painting was my own escape from reality. I got into photography through art for when I do paint I use my own images to create paintings and drawings. It can be interesting to try and combine photography with other media which relate to art.

I may have only started to get successful at photography recently but I have enjoyed creating my photos and learning more about photography. As I struggled with school with me only being good at English and art it proved to me you do not need to be smart to have great outcomes, only creativity.

My work may not be my best right now but I hope to improve my photography skills and develop more into a person. Given that I have just started my journey into adulthood, I am sure I will learn more and make some mistakes on the way, but I will learn from these and I hope I will gain more experience from photography skills.

Finally, last year I started posting some of my pictures and creations on Instagram. Some of them were not great initially, but as I have developed and got better equipment my work is a lot better too. I love it and it shows in the increasing engagement. It is amazing to see that the more I put into my page the more people appreciate and my feeds are successful.

And this is just the beginning…

Bye for now, 🙂

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