Street art photography – only passionate clicks

Street art photography – only passionate clicks

August 17, 2019 32 By Holly Silver

I like being an artist with my iPhone on a quiet afternoon…

My name is Holly and I live in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

I took vacation pictures for many years but until last summer I just took the picture. I did not look and think about what I was shooting. I was terrible at framing and composition.

My journey to loving photography is a gift and a surprise. My boyfriend – who is an excellent SLR camera photographer – is shocked by this recent obsession. He is extremely critical, but tells me the photos are surprisingly good. Sometimes he gives me critiques and a brief lesson. Without further ado, below is my street art photography:

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How I became interested – kind of an instant connection

Jim Morrison and Jimmy Hendrix by Eduardo Kobra The Lower East Side, NewYork City

Jim Morrison and Jimmy Hendrix by Eduardo Kobra, The Lower East Side, New York City

My story is that I started taking photos with my iPhone of things I love, of things that interested me, of street art and something clicked. I am very passionate about this hobby. It makes me very happy to figure out how to take an interesting photo with my style.

I love street art photography. This is the story of how I got there. I was taking many photos in the city. I started following a talented acquaintance on Instagram. I learned that my best and favorite shots are called street art.

If you are a beginner photographer, street art is good because you can usually reshoot pictures that have potential. You can rework the picture at different times of the day and try new perspectives.


Unconventional and meaningful – a visual hymn to liberty

American Dream by Eduardo Kobra—West Village, NYC

American Dream by Eduardo Kobra, West Village, NYC

Street Art is art that you find in many urban neighborhoods. It is the art on the streets. It is a name for murals, for people who like to sound edgy and cool. While some SA is illegal and associated with vandalism, most of the Street Art I post is commissioned and legal. It is in style and easy to find if you know where to look. SA is about freedom, diversity, beautification and often doing things that are not conventional.

I always have questions about the Street Art I shoot. Who made it? Why is it there? Is there an underlying message? How was it done? What type of Street Art is it?—Spray paint, stencil, wheat-paste, poster art. I am very partial to spray paint murals. So many are quick, orginal, vibrant masterpieces. My favorite is the Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra. He does large, bright murals with bold lines all over the world.

Always on the hunt – ready to seize the day

Audrey Hepburn by Tristan Eatan, Little Italy, NYC

Audrey Hepburn by Tristan Eatan, Little Italy, NYC

Street Art has led me off the beaten path in NYC and wherever I travel. One last thing Street Art is not permanent. You never know if a favorite piece is going to be painted over or defaced. You need to get out there and take the photo today.

Thank you Lara for inviting me to share something about Street Art Photography on this blog. Thank you for the opportunity to reflect on why I love spending my time doing this.


Spread Love by Jason Naylor The Rag and Bone Wall NoLita, NYC

Spread Love by Jason Naylor – The Rag and Bone Wall NoLita, NYC

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Holly's Instagram account: hsilver56

Holly’s Instagram account: hsilver56