Shot with love – because love knows no limits

Shot with love – because love knows no limits

January 22, 2019 38 By Rit

Hi everyone!

I am Rit, and today I have this amazing opportunity to be able to showcase some of my Photography work with you all. I cannot thank Lara enough for this! She is a lovely, kind person and has an extremely magnetic personality. Lara, keep being awesome the way you are!

I have a very weird relationship with my camera, it is like an old pesky one that is always on and off. Sometimes I absolutely love to go out and shoot and other times I let it eat dust for months on my shelf. It is weird when you drift away from one thing you really love doing, to things that ‘must’ be done.

But after creating my own Instagram link “shot with love”, somehow I am feeling more like doing it. This is not because of the number of followers or likes, but it is due to the fact that now I have a set of handpicked images created by me which I can share as a portfolio link. I believe in photography as my soul food, as it always pushes me to do so much more. It is a constant learning process where you can never get good grades or expect to “reach a point”, because there is no point. Definitely pointless of me to keep pointing so many points when the point is that “something done is better than nothing”, at least in the struggling days, where practice really makes a lot of difference.

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Containing early love – until we met again

I know it personally, when I used to take pictures of sunsets with my Nokia 6630 and was proud of myself for a few days. There was a joy, but I kept leaving it inside to better rational choices which were mostly mechanical, solid but soulless career building choices.

We all have been there and economics took the driver seat and kept driving me far away from this beautiful feeling of creating something, be it art, a sketch, a photograph, anything, that you feel you hold the entire intellectual value to.

As time passed I picked up photography as a ‘hobby’ to impress someone. That did not work out at all to be plain honest, but I am glad it happened because I found a new born love for an old flame. I immediately bought a canon sx10 (my first real * digital camera ever) and absolutely fell in love with it. I could do things I was not able to do with phones. I used to go out with it in my free time and then eventually I stopped taking pictures for a number of particular reasons.

Greek sea

This image is one of my favourites because of the sheer feeling of motion in a shot. It was taken in Lefkada, Greece.


No more chains – enjoying my freedom, exploring my world

Fast forward 10 years and I am starting to feel it again, but this time it is different because there are no chains.
I have found a perfect work/fun balance and now instead of wasting it on mindless Netflix series or waiting for game of thrones new season (ugh I still do, though) I usually go out. It has made me a better person to relax and find amazing things to capture and creating this slice of time, which will never ever be repeated at that instance again, gave me this wonderful feeling of clarity. I know now practice makes a man and there is no goal in sight other than just to keep pushing myself to start seeing things that I normally would not.

There is always a story that drives us, mine is to tell my own in the way I feel closest to my soul, my expressions through lens. I shoot everything that catches my attention and I shoot everything with love, love that I feel for this form of art, love for that eagerness to learn and experiment, love for that beautiful sensation when you open a new camera box for the very first time, love that exists between you and your flame that only you know, when weather conditions do not matter, when time of the day does not matter, when all the odds do not matter.

All that matters is for us to feel like an explorer again, like lost in an ancient city and you have got this wonderful device that lets you save that smallest fraction of second forever in a digital format It never fails to overwhelm me how far we have come and how away we had been.

A view of Kochi

This was on one of my India’s trips, except this time we went all down south and visited some
amazing backwaters of Kochi (Cochin) port. They have these hidden gems of villages solely
based on waterways of transport. I really felt mesmerized by the way they live there, amongst thousands if not millions of mosquitoes and carry their way of life in a way we would not normally think of. Beautiful, kind hearted and mostly educated people who spoke fluent English.
………(pause) I know right!


My honest feelings – I just enjoy what I do

I am by no means trying to preach as if I know something that you do not. All I am saying is that we must not wait for the “mood” to kick in, we should kick the mood in. The difference for me has been quite a roller coaster ride statistically speaking (IG number heh), but the sheer learning process has reached a new height of fun and engagement.

Now I do not leave anywhere without my camera. And I thank IG for pushing me to keep building my portfolio. Numbers for me are not the real measure of success, but to feel happy doing something that I love so much, gives an unspeakable amount of pleasure and blood-rush.


This was shot in Amsterdam and the texture (photographically speaking) they have throughout
the city, is mind boggling! Extreme close attention to details, spot-on city planning, wonderful means of public transport, beautiful architecture and pleasant buildings with personality.
Amsterdam had it all. Hands down one of best bustling city to be in.

Always pay it forward – encouragement can help you climb a mountain

Remember those wonderful people who really saw something in what you were doing and said, “hey that is cool! carry on! “? Those are some really big positive boosts to earn your way into loving this. One of such encouragers / enablers is Lara who has some of the most well-placed, well themed, balanced, beautiful, of the same family, photos, and kept leaving me some awesome remarks that really made me think, “huh. so I must be doing “something” and really kept fueling the fire to be better than the last time. She is an extremely humble person who believes in giving it back, and I got an opportunity to talk from a pedestal where so many of you can hear me and I am excited to reach out to few more of you.


Street snow

By now you could have felt that I am somewhat of a fan when it comes to long exposure shots. I simply love going out at/after dusk when exposing the sensor for a small amount of time can pleasantly surprise you. Absolutely love this style of photography!


Never stop learning – the journey matters more than the destination

I am trying to be more result-oriented and It does not always work, but I suppose not everything can be done perfectly, and that one good shot comes after heaps and heaps of bad ones… But I am really enjoying this process! Not the most efficient, but I have definitely increased the frequency of my photo-walks, which sort of help open my eyes. Now I look forward to any small excursions or city breaks and plan such events just for the pure joy of snapping some figments of time. In additions to this, really following some amazing photographers on IG, god-like (with all mana, power, potions) and deep down it is a solid truth that only years and years of practice got them there, and so will it, for me. I am learning a heck lot more with every shot and analysing it later on my screen, and wondering what if the camera was somewhere else? or there could have been an even more interesting moment few seconds later. Things like these make me want to challenge myself a lot and I am loving this feeling of self-improvement, however small it is.

After the snow

This shot was taken on a sunny day after the snow. I really liked the way the melting snow made the road wet and created this soft reflection of the brightly lit buildings on the left. I also think the shade by being slightly blueish – a contrary palette to the bright oranges – gives a nice feeling of balance.

I think my show and tell must come to a stop and I really thank you all for taking out your time

to read my small story. Hope you all have an amazing year ahead!

-Bye for now!

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