Poetry in photography – my journey goes on

Poetry in photography – my journey goes on

June 28, 2019 64 By Lara

To begin with, thank you immensely for all the beautiful comments you left on my post featuring my first collection of visual poems. Sharing my work with my readers is an exciting privilege, your appreciation means the world to me.

It is just funny, no longer than three months ago, I thought there was no room for poetry in photography.

Poetry was not part of my life actually… At all.

Now I am here, publishing my second collection, and I have no intentions to stop. So many projects are crowding my mind these days, and this is just the beginning.

As honest as I can be, I feel a great sense of accomplishment!

I hope you enjoy my new creations…

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Our days of yore

Ocean view from the beach

Now you can feign,

All of your disdain,

But it will not be long before,

You miss our days of yore.


And I know for a fact,

That our world is intact,

When they threw our past a stone,

You said I was your own.

Our days of yore poster

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Our days of yore poster
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A reminder

Ocean from a beach with seagulls

This is just a reminder,

That you are no organ-grinder,

And anytime you attack,

I will fight back.


You can raise your voice and beat your chest,

But I am simply not impressed,

I am a stray bird, I am a furious wave,

I am something you cannot brave.


The strength of my woes

Ocean view from the woods

Since this world consigned,

Its colors to the unkind,

I have been trying to dispel,

The evil from my dell.


And I have lived my years in furrows,

Through the intricacies of my sorrows,

But with the strength of my woes,

I am going to fend off my foes.


Bride of slide
A dandelion

My inner waif,

That you kept so safe,

Another tale,

Of a love so frail.


You went astray,

I pined away,

Eternal bride,

Of the saddest slide.


In vain

A moody day on the beach

Down into the void,

Of the plan that you foiled,

I languish in vain,

While you dote on my pain.


The last look

Calm ocean

The last stair,

Of my despair,

The last look,

At my dream book.


And I bawl,

At this sad curtain call,

I was meant to be your quiver,

And now you sell me down the river.


The season

Memories of walking to the beach on a Summer day

Then came the season,

Of the inevitable treason,

But my heart still engraves,

The notes on the staves.


The season photo print

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The season photo print
by LaraTwilightShop

Our fate

The ocean on a moody, Winter day

The hours walk,

As we grasp the shock,

I am afraid it is too late,

To silence our fate.


Goodbye Wales!

Welsh country house

I was meant to be a rover,

Since the day it was over,

Through storms and gales,

I scream “Goodbye Wales!”


The final fright

Ocean view from a heath

You can keep my last sand grain,

While I crumble under the strain,

You are the final fright,

Looking for somewhere to alight.

Glowing heart

Walking to the sea on a country road

I was raised by Winter

And I saw my life splinter,

You were the first to know,

That my heart could glow.


Sunlight Seeker

Dramatic sky featuring a powerful sunset

It no longer matters,

If you drop my heart’s tatters,

Your world is a plastic beaker,

And you are no match for this Sunlight Seeker.


The best Summer we ever had

Hamlet at the golden hour
The light was the cue,

For me to come through,

Nothing more to add,

That was the best Summer we ever had.


For a brave woman

Sunset seen from the woods

“I woke up again,

To another bleak quatrain,

You cannot even write a sonnet,

You are just a sad poet.”


“I am not even a poet, you know?

Words come and I let them flow,

You can be the strongest man in town,

But you will never put this woman down.


And these words today,

Are meant to fly away,

They are my wings,

Against your mood swings.”


(Please note the above poem is not about me. It is dedicated to a friend of mine, a very brave woman)

Once again, I would like to thank you all for your encouragement and support. This quest for self-discovery has now incorporated another element, and I have never felt so alive. I can safely say that “life is an endless journey” is no longer a set phrase to me… Every creation is a new stage, every shot and every line are both reaching a new goal and setting a new challenge.


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