Poetography – sharing a piece of my soul

Poetography – sharing a piece of my soul

January 4, 2020 21 By Lara

I cannot believe I have finally managed to publish my third collection of visual poems… I wish I could have published it sooner, but you know, sometimes life happens, and all of your plans are brutally derailed. Let’s say that I needed some time to re-group and decide what I wanted to do with my life. In the meanwhile, I kept on publishing my favourite amateur photographers’ guest posts (I take immense joy and pride in giving visibility to my friends’ work), but being unable to share my own work with my readers was hard. I desperately wanted to publish some new stuff, but when both your head and your heart are somewhere else, even putting together a decent introduction seems to be an impossible task to take on.

Anyway, I have a clear mind and I am ready for a fresh start, now. So, what better occasion than this to celebrate a new chapter in my life?

I hope you enjoy my poetography, it’s like sharing a piece of my soul with you all:

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The start of our journey

A black and white picture featuring an outdoor basketball court
“If I show you my childhood corner,

Will you really feel stronger?”

Today, you say it’s so corny,

And yet, it was the start of our journey.


My morning glare

At a park in Spring

There is no glory,

In being your quarry,

I am no trophy for your ego,

Not just another Jane Doe.


My mind is clearer,

My heart is a mirror,

All the flowers wear,

My morning glare.

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Pink flowers surrounded by greenery poster

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The pain of your farewell

At the fairground
Time will quell,

The pain of your farewell,

But no one can decide,

How much I hurt inside.


No allies

Ocean view partially hidden by rocks
Now clouds are my throne,

And I am not alone,

But I need no allies,

To scud the skies.


My lifeline

New and old buildings

Life in discord,

With each and every word,

And no, I am not rude,

I am simply not in a mood.


We eat chocolate and lemons,

And we battle with our demons,

I come from the slum,

Yet I have never felt so numb.


The old town is my lifeline,

That is where I am not ashamed to whine,

My heart has creases,

But I am picking up the pieces.


Sad clown

Empty street at night

And then we walk at night,

I try to hold you tight,

But you are more silent than this town,

And make me feel like a sad clown.


Somewhere time flies,

Kids again eating apple pies,

For a moment I breathed,

The life I was bereaved.


Where the sun dreams

The sea at the golden hour
Take our boat and leave the quay,

I have got some more songs to play,

Listen to my love themes,

And we will meet where the sun dreams.


No bitter pill

Lake view in Winter

No, you did not leave me in misery,

You left me with this Winter scenery,

And remember, there is no bitter pill,

For one who’s been through the mill.


On Instagram, one of my most loyal followers misunderstood the meaning of the above poem and said it was sad, so I am going to explain it (even though, it makes me a little uncomfortable). Actually, it is less sad than one might think, I would say it is a very positive poem. This quatrain is about moving on and not allowing anyone to destroy your life. No lost love can bring you down, no lost love is more precious than your own life. Even if my lost love has hurt me and left me alone, and even if all I have left now is a Winter scenery to look at, I am no stranger to adversity, so I will fight back and I will move on. My life comes first!

It is not a case that I left both this poem and this picture for last. For the previously mentioned reason, I wanted to end this post on a positive note.

Again and endlessly, thank you very much for all your love and support, this is an extraordinary journey and I have no intentions to stop.

Hope you will take some time to check my first and second collections of poems, you can find them here and here.



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