Photography is life – it is my life

Photography is life – it is my life

February 9, 2019 126 By Aspasia Zografou

Hello everyone! My name is Aspasia Zografou and I am from Greece.

I have loved photography ever since I can remember, I have always felt naturally attracted to cameras.

Why do I love it? Because photography is life! The moment I click the button and capture an image, a feeling or a certain memory for eternity, I know I am creating life. When I have my camera with me, I feel like a magician with a special gift.

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When it all began – taking pictures just made me happy

A clown's melancholic smile

Don’t be afraid…

Μy first contact with photography was at the age five, that is, when I found a family album at home. I was ecstatic… I remember thinking that a “family” or a “photographic” album was just the conventional, dull name people had given to it. To me, that was a wonderful world of memories that had suddenly appeared before my eyes. My mind took a train to the past and brought back a load of ideas, imagination and a firm conviction: I would become a professional photographer and leave an impact on this magical world.


A long wait – tenaciously chasing the dream

Kid with a lamp

Keep that light in your heart, little girl

In the years that followed, I would always take my parents’ camera and mainly got practice with self portraits (no available models there for me). I could not wait for the day that I would finally be able to photograph my own subjects and put my own ideas into practice.

Despite choosing a different academic path, I kept cultivating my childhood dream. So, after I finished my studies and found a job, I said to myself that it was time to get that dream out of my bucket list. I enrolled in a private photography school and finally started living my life to the fullest. It was like being reborn.


A learning mindset – there is always room to improve

Woman photo portrait

Absence makes the heart grow fonder…

Today, I am a beginner professional photographer and I am still learning, every day. I keep practicing and studying, because I want to be the best version of myself! Actually I do not think there is a moment when we stop learning.

We can stop studying, but if we have an inquisitive mind, we will always be on the hunt for information, tips or techniques that we may have never heard of and that can help us improve our skills.


Fine art photography and an ambition – humility is the key

White flower

Aquarius heart

I am deeply in love with fine-art portrait photography, it is my favourite genre by far. I admire many great photographers and try to draw inspiration from them. My favourite is Salgado Sebastiao: the “Blind woman” photo portrait always brings tears to my eyes, no other photographer has touched my soul in this way.

I aspire to create an absolute masterpiece like that, but I know that the first rule to be great is to stay humble. For this reason, I decided to join Instagram, so I could also get comments, opinions and suggestions from ordinary people. The love I have been getting so far has been overwhelming… In addition to that, I have had the opportunity to explore the work of budding talents and amateur photographers: a priceless experience that has massively broadened my creative horizons.

With such a supportive, stimulating environment around me, I see a bright future ahead of me.

Thank you very much for taking time to read my article and look at my pictures. Lara, I am very grateful for this opportunity, it is a privilege to be featured on your blog.

I wish you all great, inspiring pictures,



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