One with photography – hunting for dreams

One with photography – hunting for dreams

December 16, 2019 16 By Sophie Starling

First of all, thank you Lara for offering me to guest post on your blog, which is full of beauty and earthling love!

Hi everyone, my name is Sophie Starling, and I am from France. In the next few lines, I am going to tell you about my inspirations and how I became one with photography. They say the best things happen unexpectedly and this is what I tell myself every day, when – thanks to my camera – I get to capture the wonders of nature and share them with the world.

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Passion makes styles – wandering and dreaming

Blurred trees

Lost in nature

I have not owned my current camera – a * Canon t3i – for a long time. Originally, I got it with the intention of filming a few clips for some projects I had been running for a while. But making videos takes time, and before I got that time, I began to wander and take pictures every time I had a chance to… This is how I ended up being addicted to photography. For this reason, I started an Instagram account, and since then, my passion has helped me find my style and become a better photographer.

The turning point – showing my uniqueness

Raindrop close-up

Every raindrop is a dream…

Even though my sense of composition was instinctive, to only rely on this soon proved to not be enough. That is when I stopped caring about taking “good” pictures and started to really create my own work. In my opinion there is no such thing as “too bright”, “too dark”, “too blurry”… It is all a matter of art, and all about creating an ambiance.

My favourite thing is creating feelings, atmospheres, and revealing a world that it would otherwise be impossible to see to the naked eye. Nature is a universe of fantasy and poetry, and sometimes it takes the right angle for you to see it.

I find myself to play with lights and shadows, and when I look through my viewfinder, it is like I am entering a whole new world. When I am there, playing with the focus, I feel like I could find fairies and elves.

Searching for fairies – there’s no stopping me

Butterfly in nature

Eternal quest…

I like to say that I am painting dreams out of cracks of light. My photography universe tends to be quite dreamlike. Bringing out the poetry of nature and life is what inspires me the most. I also like to give my pictures a painting-like texture, which makes them look like kind of unreal.

You know, searching for fairies is a tricky task; just like a romance, it wraps in a mischievous haze and escapes from the most vivid eyes. But it is what makes the chase worth it, and I am not stopping any time yet!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my piece, I hope you enjoyed my pictures and maybe found a bit of inspiration!



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Sophie Starling's Instagram account: sophie.starling_photography

Sophie Starling’s Instagram account: sophie.starling_photography