Natural sceneries – when the landscape reflects your mood

Natural sceneries – when the landscape reflects your mood

January 11, 2019 78 By Lara

When I photograph natural sceneries, I do not simply try to capture the beauty of each location, but I also and especially seek to convey my state of mind.

Over the years, I have created a sort of visual diary, in which each landscape captured is associated with a title and a description of my mood for that day.

Photography has helped me grow, bring out my emotions and understand myself in a more profound manner.

I would like to share some of my most emotionally-significant shots with you.

Please note that with the exception of the first image, all of the others are accompanied by the original description.

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A cloud is a wolf to another cloud – discouraged and disheartened

Cloudy sky

Cloudy sky

A bad experience at work had severely undermined everything I was sure of… I experienced the lack of scruples that can arise in certain work environments.

A few evenings later, still embittered by what had taken place, I was walking along the beach seeking a distraction of some sort. Nonetheless, I continued to mull over the incident until I happened to gaze up at the sky and the clouds caught my attention.

” ‘Homo homini lupus’ – I exclaimed – This is exactly what happened to me, the big cloud is trying to eat that little one…”

But the small cloud was escaping towards the light below, heading for salvation.

I understood that I needed to start afresh. Never be discouraged, never be overthrown – there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and bad experiences only serve to help in the future.


Unlimited spaces – leave me free

In the open air

Unlimited spaces

A desire to live, to try and to explore.
The will to no longer need to depend on others. The longing to have my own experiences, to make mistakes, to fall, to get back up and to start all over again.

The fancy to take in the scent of the trees and be lost in the immensity of the sky. The need to walk until exhaustion, before lying down in the sunshine and watching the clouds travel along aimlessly, free of obligations. The itch to tell the world that I have myself and do not need anyone else.


How much would a single-bedroom apartment in the clouds cost? I want to surround myself with blue.

Blue planet

Blue planet

I left with the boats… Each day is a new journey and a new destination. At the end of the day, the boats put on their wings and take me home. I live in the clouds, where I rented a single-bedroom apartment to better view the sky.

When the temperature soars, I dive into the sea to cool off (and the boats go out of their way to give me a ride back up to the top). When it is cold, the sky becomes a warm dark coat that envelops and protects me.

Blue planet, blue planet, tell me there is also room for me… Let me be your queen!


Soul mate trees – eternal love

Enchanted scenery

An enchanting dusk

I want to find my soul mate tree with which to gaze out over the horizon, from here to eternity. And I want this sky, I always want this sky infused with my two favourite colours.

Dear blue and dear purple, is it possible that only I have noticed that you are made for each other? You too are soul mates!

You need to take each other by the hand and sketch my days, my dawns, my sunsets and my nights. No day will ever be the same, no night shall any longer be dark. Me and my soul mate tree, you and your dances in the sky.


To infinity and beyond – a future rich in hope

Rising sun

Rising sun

A never-ending journey towards the light, because whilst ever there is light, there is hope and I see so much of that.

I will never stop walking, I will never stop overcoming obstacles, I will never stop learning but above all, I will never stop travelling, given that there are no goals and no limits.

When I reach that light right there at the end, a new magnificent setting will open up…


And with this bid of hope, born from a youthful stream of conscience, I make it a date for the next article or, better yet, the next visual story.
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