My father’s legacy – the best inherited gift

My father’s legacy – the best inherited gift

November 24, 2019 20 By Nelly

To begin with, a big thank you to Lara for giving me the chance to guest post on her blog. This is not going to be long, but it is definitely going to be intense.

Hello everyone, my name is Nelly. I am an amateur photographer based in New York City, and I am proudly continuing my father’s legacy. But let’s start from the beginning: my love for photography started as a little girl. My father was a professional photographer. Growing up, I watched my father develop his own film.

He made a dark room in one of the bedrooms in our upper Manhattan apartment. He would dip photo paper into a solution. Then he would hang it up to dry. That is where the magic began. Photos coming to life. It fascinated me to see those photos appear on a wet sheet of paper. Eventually as I got older, I was able to go and assist him on photoshoots. Every photo told a story.

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A tragic loss – trying to make some sense

Shattered palm trees

I was literally… Shattered

On March 31, 2015, I lost my father. After all the funeral arrangements were completed, I had a few things to do like close his bank account. I was handed a check. I got in my car and cried. My dad was gone and all I had left was a check. The value of this check was not much. Not enough to split between my siblings and I.

I sat there thinking about what I wanted to do with this money. I knew that buying a new designer bag or shoes was not what I wanted to do. This money had to have a purpose. It had to mean something. I thought long and hard and I knew a camera was what I wanted. I told my siblings and they loved the idea. They gave me their blessing and I went straight to the store and purchased my first camera.

A new beginning – and I am not alone

Tropical palm tree

You are always in my heart, daddy…

I immediately started taking photos. I taught myself a few things but I still have lots to learn. My family and friends loved what they saw in my photos. Eventually I got offers to shoot weddings, sweet 16’s and baby announcements.

Some people inherit thousands or millions of dollars, even property. I inherited an eye to capture moments that will live on forever. I know that every time I snap a photo, my dad is right there by my side.

Thank you Dad for this beautiful gift. Again, special thanks to Lara, for selecting me to join amazing artists on this blog. Thank you for the opportunity to share my story and for your support.


Tropical scenery

Here’s to my future!


If you want to see more of my work, below is my Instagram account.

Nelly's Instagram account: _gem_photography

Nelly’s Instagram account: _gem_photography

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