Mine is a photolife – a hobby turned lifestyle

Mine is a photolife – a hobby turned lifestyle

February 3, 2019 96 By Tim Rosche

Hi everyone and thanks Lara for the invitation. My name is Tim Rosche and I am from Canada.
So why did I choose photography as a hobby? Well, in many ways, I feel I did not choose it, as much as it chose me to the extent that mine has become a photolife! You see I always looked at the world around me differently than most people. I was always inquisitive and searching for answers to my never ending questions.

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Photography has given me a lot – and I pay it forward

Glimpse of the river

Glimpse of the river

Photography has enabled me to show others what I see. To reveal hidden gems that are all around our world. It is an infinite world of beauty and awe, and even simple things that we often never see. The everyday things we overlook even though they are often right in front of us. But sometimes we do not see them in the same light. Literally, in a different light.

My favourite pics are the ones that peak your curiosity. The ones that make you ask questions like, what is that, or how did they get that shot? It is this quest of discovery that motivates me to continue exploring, searching, and then sharing my ‘gems’ with the world.


Landing on Instagram – discovering a new photoworld

Mountain view

Every picture tells a story and this one is no exception.
But at least for this one I did not get chased away by Railway police, or security guards, or rabid barking dogs, or any other number of nasty things that try to ruin my shot like a prickly blackberry bush cutting up my leg as I lean in to get just the perfect shot!
This particular structure is located in my hometown and it connects us to a nearby City. I travel over it nearly every day, and I always enjoy snapping pics as I explore its river banks.

I only really got involved in Instagram a few months ago, and it is been a very positive experience on many levels. It has reignited my passion for photography and I have made some amazing friends. It is a great vehicle to not only showcase your passion, but to socialize with others with similar interests.

I have found great inspiration from such friends and as a result I am even going on a trip to Peru to meet one of them.
I will be visiting Machu Picchu and all its beauty. I cannot wait to explore and tell my story through my photographs. Of course I will share all the highlights with everyone on my Instagram feed.


Future projects and family time – photography is the leitmotif

Blurred fantasy

Neither a photo, nor a painting. This is a blurred fantasy.

Sometimes I ask myself: what does the future hold as far as this hobby photography? Well, I enjoy it enough that I can honestly consider doing it as a full-time living perhaps as a freelance artist.

I do not know if I have developed the skills yet to be able to do that, but I certainly would like to pursue it and at a much higher level.
For the time being, I love getting outdoors and taking my two boys to explore and appreciate nature and all its beauty and teach them about photography. We get outdoors a lot and I think it is good for them, to give them a break from all the screen time they get.
I try to find a balance that makes everyone happy.



Final considerations – all you need is a camera

Beautiful landscape

View from a terrace

All of the above images have a few things in common.

First they were all taken within just a few miles from my home except for the bridge which is only about 40 minutes away. If you look around and explore even on your own backyard there are always great subjects to capture.

Secondly they were all very spontaneous and unplanned, just walking or driving looking for great vantage points.

Finally they were all taken by myself, an amateur photographer who has found his own balance by sharing his vision of the world.

Thank you for reading my guest post on Laratwilight’s page and checking out my images.

She is one of several amazing new friends I have made on Instagram and in one word she is awesome!

Stay photoful,

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