Let the painting do the talking – My colourful mind

Let the painting do the talking – My colourful mind

August 12, 2019 44 By Susan Beck

First of all I would like to say thank you for giving me this special opportunity to showcase some of my work. As a beginner artist, I am very pleased and thankful for this special support from Lara.

Hi everyone! I am Susan Beck from Hungary. I am an amateur painter and photographer, who loves all kind of art and different ways of expressing herself. When I take a step back from the fast-paced nature of modern life, I like sitting in my garden, surrounded by the natural world and it always amazes me how nature survives, from the marching of the ants to the singing of the birds. And I find that very relaxing and thought-provoking.

Although I love every form of art, the two that I love the most are painting and photography. I am like a little kid in front of a candy shop who wants to buy everything, but who can only choose one. I love how you can capture a moment in time forever. I can draw inspiration from everywhere, but my two favourite are history and nature.

In any case, I let the painting do the talking…

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Take a photo – grab the moment

Street art

Street art

I discovered the joy of photography when I was a kid, but circumstances were not favourable and technology was not as advanced as it is nowadays. I got my first camera – a “Pajtas” – from my parents, it was a black and white camera, very simple and very old. It was very hard to take photos with it, and I needed to focus and concentrate on the subject. Also, you could not use any editing programs to make the pictures look better.

Today I take my photos with my phone. I know it is not like taking a picture with a professional camera, but I still like to capture those important and special moments. I love taking photos of historic buildings; wherever I go I search for them. There is something magical in old buildings, their timeless feel, their majestic and respectable look, I feel like every building tells you a story.

‘Much is more, less is bore’

Star Wars by Dead Star in Van Gogh's style by Susan Beck

Star Wars by Dead Star in Van Gogh’s style

I started acrylic painting around two years ago. Although I am self-taught, I drew inspiration, ideas and help from people online, Everybody was more than happy to share their experiences and give me suggestions. I am really thankful for that! I think that such artists are happy to share their ideas with each other, because they know art is for everyone, and not knowing much about it, or being inexperienced at something does not make you a smaller person. I think it can bring people closer to each other and new friendships are born either.

I am addicted to bright and powerful colours, that is why I chose acrylic painting. Like the saying ‘Much is more, less is bore’. There are many different styles, but again, I love it because I can express myself in many different ways. The bottom line is, if you are not the best at drawing, then choose the abstract style lol.

I usually incorporate more techniques into my art. Sometimes, when I let the painting do the talking, I can start off by painting an object and by the time I finish, it will have turned into something else. I always find my biggest inspiration to be nature, and the love and respect I have for it.

Work must go on! – And I hope it will never stop!

Waterfall by Susan Beck


I had my first exhibition last year, in a small gallery where I had the pleasure to introduce myself to the audience. Although I paint for my own entertainment and pleasure, it was such an unbelievable experience. Speaking of the feedback that I had from people, well, it gave me strength and courage to paint more, and get ready for my next exhibition – which I am actually working on at the moment.

My mind is always in creative mode, filled with new ideas, but unfortunately it is hard to find free time at times.

I can link the imagination in my head and the reality in front of me. I think my studio is the perfect place for that. That is where I feel comfortable. when I am there, I feel like I am transported to a whole new world. I can stay there for hours and hours.

I feel really lucky to have a partner who supports and encourages me both in pursuing my art and in every aspect of life. I am very grateful for that, because having a supportive environment is of fundamental importance for an artist in order to develop their creativity.

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Flamingos by Susan Beck


Thank you so much Lara for giving me the opportunity to talk about my passion, and thank you for your kindness and encouragement. With your help more doors will open for me to connect with other amazing and talented artists and individuals around the world.

Many thanks everyone for taking time to read my story, if you would like to see more of my work, please check out my Instagram page, all likes and comments are appreciated.

Susan Beck's Instagram account

Susan Beck’s Instagram account: susan.beck.art


Fly away, like a balloon…

Balloon smash

Balloon smash