Learning amateur photographer – birth of a passion

Learning amateur photographer – birth of a passion

September 3, 2019 30 By Lynn Vermeulen

First of all, a big thank you to Lara for noticing me on Instagram and allowing me to be a guest on her platform. I think it is great that so many different amateur photographers are brought together here, and – even though I call myself a learning amateur photographer – I am honored to be a part of it.

I have no experience in writing at all, but I am going to share a little bit about myself and what photography means to me.

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My story of discovering photography – one day I surprised myself

Self portrait 2018

Self portrait 2018

Hello everybody, the girl in the picture above is me. My name is Lynn Vermeulen, and I am an 18-year-old student living in Amsterdam, who likes to wander around with her camera every now and then. I have been interested in photography for a while now, I kind of got dragged into it because of my parents. My mom is originally a graphic designer, but then she started to focus on photography more and more to the point where it has now become her job. Then my dad also started to develop a love for photography, so it has definitely become a family thing.

I started to take photography seriously when I graduated from high school in 2017. My parents had noticed my growing love for photography and decided to give me a camera as a graduation gift, which I am still very thankful for today. It is the camera that I am still using now, that is a Panasonic FZ2000 with a 24-480mm Leica lens.

The picture above is a self-portrait, and it is the first time that I ever attempted to do something like this. I remember being home alone and looking at my camera laying on the bed, and then I just thought to myself: “Should I try to make some self-portraits?”. I set up my camera on my tripod and put on the self-timer as I sat on my bed.

I just started to pose for the camera, without really thinking about what it looked like. It was a really special experience, since I am rather behind the camera, generally. But at that moment, it was just me alone in my room, so there was no awkwardness at all. Once I finished taking pictures,I looked back at them, and I was surprised by the results.

I never expected to have good pictures in the end, since I was unprepared and inexperienced. I hope that I will keep on surprising myself as I continue to practice photography, and I want to make a promise to myself to always stay curious about learning more and trying new things. Only that way, I will grow as a photographer.


Capturing moments – freezing the beauty

Family walking towards the sun in Picardy, France 2019

Family walking towards the sun in Picardy, France 2019

The ability to freeze time for a moment is one of my favorite things about photography. Since our brains have a limited amount of space, it is simply impossible to remember everything. I think taking pictures is the perfect way to solve that, even though you still cannot capture every second of your life, of course. But it does allow me to capture moments that matter to me, and when I look back at the pictures I can feel the emotion I felt in that moment all over again.

The picture above to me is one of those. I took it during a trip with my family in Picardy (an area in the North of France). The sun was setting, as we walked on a beach that was completely empty, besides us. The picture might look like it is posed, because of the way the silhouettes are positioned, but it was not, actually. I was just walking behind, and then I noticed how beautiful my family stood out against the horizon.

When I look at this picture I can imagine the joy of my dog Teddy, because he loves the beach. I can imagine my family’s joy ,because we are all together by ourselves, on that beautiful beach. I can imagine my own joy, because I love sunsets. But most of all, this picture represents the strong bond between my family and me. And because of photography, I was able to freeze this moment.

Raw photography – What my eyes see is what my camera takes

Noctilucent clouds, Amsterdam 2019

Noctilucent clouds, Amsterdam 2019

What I also love about photography is the diversity about it. There are so many different cameras, surroundings and people that stand behind the camera. And because of that, there are uncountable options for what kind of picture is being created in the end. Every photographer has his or her own vision and thoughts about what a picture should look like. I personally prefer to take raw pictures, therefore I barely edit them. The only things that I might adjust are brightness and contrast mostly. I like to leave my pictures unedited, because that way they stay closer to reality.

The picture above might look like water at first, but it is actually the sky. I was lucky enough to catch these noctilucent clouds, which is a cloud-like phenomenon in the upper atmosphere of Earth. They consist of ice crystals and are only visible during astronomical twilight. I stood outside for hours to admire this phenomenon, and I enjoyed every second of it. This picture is completely unedited – it did not need editing at all, because it already looked so incredibly beautiful. And to me, those are the best pictures.

My photography style and dreams – I want to live my life to the fullest

Man and mule, Morocco 2018

Man and mule, Morocco 2018

I am aware of the different categories of photography, and I do not think I necessarily fit in any of them. I like to capture nature, buildings, people, food, animals and anything else the world has to offer. If you take a look at my Instagram page, this is rather visible. At first, I thought it was a mess, it annoyed me there was no structure in it at all. But then I realized it does not matter, and there is nothing wrong with a lot of variety. To me, it would not make sense to limit myself to one field of expertise, I capture whatever I feel like at that moment.

In the future, I would love to discover more parts of the world that I have not seen yet (which is a lot). I want to see the different cultures and surroundings there are and capture them. The picture above is a great example. The man in the picture was not aware of the camera at all, which I like. Besides that, the cultural difference with my own culture becomes so clear in this picture. And it reminds me of how big the world is, compared to my own environment.

This was my story about my photography journey so far. I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions about my work, or if you want to see more of it, you can check out my Instagram page (@lynnv.photography)! I would be happy to see you there, thank you for your attention!


Lynn Vermeulen's Instagram account:

Lynn’s Instagram account: lynnv.photography