I love photography – it’s that simple

I love photography – it’s that simple

October 27, 2019 18 By Birgit

Hi everyone, my name is Birgit and I am 50 years old. I am from Bavaria (Germany) and I love photography.
I had always liked taking pictures, but I saw it more as an occasional hobby… In recent years, though, it has increased to the extent of becoming a real passion.

I am no longer happy with only capturing vacation snapshots. Now, I go through the world with different eyes, and I am looking for breathtaking landscapes, memorable sceneries and anything that makes my soul vibrate.

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The turning point – a means to convey my feelings

Tegernsee in Bavaria, Germany

Earlier this year I spent three weeks at home because of an injury. I took advantage of it to explore Bavaria’s surroundings. This is Tegernsee and I had never realized it was such an enchanting place…

Joining Instagram was the turning point. I was truly fascinated by other photographers’ different styles. The colours, the symmetry, the perspective… I had so many emotions inside of me, and I thought that photography was simply the best way to convey my feelings and my creativity. Over time, I saw, I admired and I eventually learnt. I did want to try out a lot of what I saw there, and when I was finally able to produce a few great shots, I was over the moon. If I could turn back the clock, I would take photography as my profession. And would my passion for it change if I did it professionally? Certainly not…

There is so much to see, you just have to look closely. Even when the weather is not your friend, I try to capture that special detail that makes a picture unique. I have always been a very creative person, I loved to paint and play with colors as a child, whether with brush or crayons. I have decorated my house and my garden again and again in order to please the eye. And the same goes for pictures, they have to please my own eye.

I am not a professional and I have no special cameras. Believe it or not, I take pictures with my mobile phone. That is why I never thought it possible that so many people would appreciate my pictures. But passion makes a difference and my followers can feel that. Isn’t it great?


So many journeys, so little to show – regrets galore

Sunset in my village, in Bavaria

I took this picture in my village in Bavaria. This is the photo that has the most likes on my Instagram page. Talk about being in the right place, at the right time…

I used to travel a lot in the past, at least twice a year. At the beginning of the 90s I took a 3-week trip to the United States. My journey kicked off in the beautiful Los Angeles, but the most vivid memory is me sitting on the edge of the Grand Canyon, admiring its breathtaking colours. Without a doubt, the Grand Canyon is one of the most impressive places I have ever been to. The sunrise and the sunset are just gigantic and colorful. My heart is bleeding that I cannot show you those pictures. My former camera was not bad, but of course you cannot compare it to today’s standards.

My trip to Mexico was also fantastically beautiful… Endless white-powdered sugar beaches. Mexico has also much to offer from a historical standpoint. I saw Tulum, the Maya site on the sea… It was all blue and turquoise around me. Unfortunately these images too cannot be digitized to meet today’s standards. Oh, and I took some great nature pictures when I flew from Mexico to Guatemala and visited Tilak, there. I will never forget the jungle, the animals and Maya’s cult places.

And what about Rhodes? Standing on the Acropolis in Lindos and looking at the sea. Looking at the small bays and harbours from the top was mystical, if not magical. I have been several times to Spain, Turkey and Egypt. The last one had an impact on me, mainly because of its temples and underwater world.


Discovering Italy – a new beginning

Malcesine harbour, on the Lake Garda in Italy.

This is Malcesine harbour on the Lake Garda, my great love. There, I could sit for hours just looking at the water or at the tourists coming and going…

When I built my own house a few years ago, I stayed home for a few years. No holidays to escape everyday life… But then came October 2015, that is when I first drove to Lake Garda in Italy. It was love at first sight, the atmosphere blew me away! There I found an incredible blue water, so many charming castles, the small, sweet Italian alleyways... and I have been sailing every year since the first time; so many enchanting hidden corners. It is simply a paradise for photography lovers!
That is where I dropped a hobby and I found a passion…

I am anxiously waiting for next year’s trip: I will be able to indulge myself with some delicious Italian food, some tasty red wine and amazing landscapes. I would like to take a special trip in the future and that would be a round trip through Scotland. Lake Garda has taught me to love old walls and castles. Going to Scotland for a photo trip is still a dream of mine and if it comes true, I can assure you that I will leave no shot “unshot”.



A very important realization – no more regrets

Riva del Garda in Italy

This is Riva del Garda and you can easily figure out the name of the lake, lol. Definitely no shortage of sceneries here…

I mulled a lot over the chances that I missed to capture out-of-this-world-sceneries, but the bottom line  – and the message that I am trying to convey – is that while I regret not having developed my passion for photography earlier, it is no use to cry over spilled milk. I believe it was not only about having a bad camera back then, it was also my mindset.

Even if I had had a professional camera, I was not into that, so I would have not walked away with any remarkable shots. Yeah, I would have probably taken some technically amazing pictures, but again, my heart was not in it. I learnt an amazing lesson: a great camera takes wonderful pictures, but a passionate photographer can create wonderful worlds!

I would like to sincerely thank Lara for giving me the chance to write about my love for photography. I feel proud and privileged. I hope I will be able to convey how genuine my passion is, and maybe inspire someone to take up photography. Many, many, many thanks!



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Birgit's Instagram account: sbirgitsch69

Birgit’s Instagram account: sbirgitsch69