Click, click, click – that’s me in a nutshell!

Click, click, click – that’s me in a nutshell!

September 1, 2019 34 By Lesley-Ann

I must start by thanking Lara for giving me this opportunity to guest post on her blog. I am extremely grateful to anyone who goes out of their way to help someone – especially when they are just beginning! We really need more kind people in this world! So, thank you Lara for this experience.

Hello everyone, my name is Lesley-Ann. I am from beautiful Scotland and I am photography obsessed! Click, click, click, click that’s me with a camera! I am an amateur photographer and very recently I became a student. I am studying HND photography at college. I am very grateful to my work colleagues because if it wasn’t for them encouraging me to go to college then I probably wouldn’t be typing this right now… When I left school, I didn’t think I would ever go to college, but I am so glad that I was accepted onto the course and I am very excited to see what the future holds for me!

I believe everything happens for a reason! I am very excited to learn about darkroom photography. We have recently started to shoot on film, and I think it’s going to be one of my favourite classes. Film photography has something about it that is fascinating me already! It’s magic!

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The “perfect” image – that incredible feeling

Colourful building

Colourful building

I take photos because I enjoy getting that “perfect” image and when I do it just makes my whole day! A feeling I believe only true photography lovers understand! I have always loved photography. Not just one genre, I enjoy a huge variety of images – just whatever catches my eye!

The photo above was taken in Little India, Singapore. The colours on the building really stood out to me and this definitely caught my eye right away… and yes of course I had to take a picture!

My love for photography has started – and nothing is going to stop it

New York City cab

New York City cab

My first ever pocket-camera was kindly gifted to me from my partner, a white Sony Cyber-shot. I used this camera religiously, along with my iPhone camera, and this is when I really discovered my true love for photography.

The picture above was taken on my Sony pocket-camera, and a setting was used to allow only the yellow colour to show. This really got me excited about photography and I just wanted to start to have more fun with my images.

I was so lucky and very grateful to get my first ever DSLR Nikon D3500 camera last Christmas from my mum and dad (a great beginner’s camera) and now it comes pretty much everywhere with me… and I love that!


DSLR’s first holiday – immortalizing memories

Singapore blue sky

Singapore blue sky

For only being 21 years old, I am very lucky and extremely grateful to have travelled and explored different countries. Capturing it all on my camera was the best part.

Photography for me is about traveling to a new place and capturing the most beautiful parts. So, for anyone who looks at my images, hopefully you can feel like you are there too and appreciate the beauty of a place. I love to look back on photos, whether it may be photos on my iPhone or DSLR camera that I have taken or even an old photo album from years ago. I enjoy this so much, because you will never forget about your experience when you took the picture and that really is why I love photography so much. It keeps memories alive and that’s special!

The true beauty within photography – my camera is my magic wand

Close up of a purple flower

Close up of a purple flower

Traveling is amazing and so incredibly fun. I don’t know about you, but I always seem to take hundreds of photographs when in a new environment because everything is different, and everything is exciting because it is new to us. But we forget that true beauty can be photographed in your home environment, you just need to have a different approach and to start with a fresh mind to find the true beauty with something, then photograph it! The photo above was taken in Aberdeen, Scotland.

I have an upcoming trip to Stockholm in Sweden, because my best friend has recently moved there. I will be taking my DSLR camera with me to capture beautiful parts of the city. If you love photography like me, then please do have a look at my Instagram account: lesleyann_photography

I hope you enjoy my pictures just as much as I enjoy taking them!


Lesley-Ann's Instagram account

Lesley-Ann’s Instagram account


Many thanks again Lara for this opportunity!

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