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Poetography – sharing a piece of my soul

I cannot believe I have finally managed to publish my third collection of visual poems… I wish I could have published it sooner, but you know, sometimes life happens, and all of your plans are brutally derailed. Let’s say that I needed some time to re-group and decide what I wanted to do with my…

By Lara January 4, 2020 22

Poetry in photography – my journey goes on

To begin with, thank you immensely for all the beautiful comments you left on my post featuring my first collection of visual poems. Sharing my work with my readers is an exciting privilege, your appreciation means the world to me. It is just funny, no longer than three months ago, I thought there was no…

By Lara June 28, 2019 64

The colors of poetry – evolution of my heart

Never in my life had I written a poem, then weeks ago I met Molly Gentzsch, one of my last guest posters. Her beautiful mind has opened a whole new world to me. What a blessing! I thought that photography was my only way to convey my feelings and my emotions… I was utterly wrong.…

By Lara April 30, 2019 126
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