Black and white pictures – A Different Look

Black and white pictures – A Different Look

March 5, 2019 74 By Michelle Nannini

Hi everyone!

To begin with, I have to thank Lara both for her kindness and for the opportunity to share my beloved hobby
with her photo friends and readers. I am very excited to write a post about my passion for
photography, namely black and white pictures.

My name is Michelle Nannini and I live in Sao Paulo, Brazil. My interest in
photography started when I took my first trip to Italy. I was fascinated by every alley,
facade and monument I encountered. And even with the difficulties of not having the
right equipment, I captured each of those places… And they always seemed magical to me, anyway.

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Light and shadows – a mysterious magical world

Typical Italian buildings

Typical Italian buildings

Although I live in a country where colors are always very present, my passion for black and white photography has allowed me to discover a world made of lights and shadows.

When you photograph in black and white, many of the things you traditionally look for in a good photo are worthless, while others – you do not pay attention to – gain immeasurable value. So expressive and strong in their contrasts, such pictures enchant with mystery, while silently taking the place of the original colors.


Street photography – between noise and art

Italian rural alleyway

Cobblestones and a magical alleyway

Another special passion is taking street photos. I like the noise of the streets, the agitation of
people, the daily life of cities. Capturing a scene in the middle of chaos: the rush of people and the crowd that invades monuments is particularly special. I love immortalizing the moment when everyone is coming and going, a chaos that everyone understands.

In Italy, I had to find out something every time that I took a walk. One alley after the other, guided by curiosity, I wondered: “Is there a way out of here?” And again after walking through a new street, a new universe of possibilities appeared before my eyes. What was old or almost decadent actually displayed a world full of history. When I was tired of the noise of the city, I got to a pedestrian area and enjoyed the silence while “sampietrino” (cobblestones) traced my path through art and history. What a truly life-changing experience!


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Going back in time – everlasting emotions

Milan train station

Coming and going

In photography, colors have the power to work with the observer’s emotions.
Consciously or unconsciously, a chromatic composition influences the way an image is defined. In black and white, we identify sensations and associate them with our memories. Everything seems to look better without colors, and under the beautiful effect of the combination of light and shadows. I call it an instant of emotion frozen in time. I let my heart talk to my mind for a second and I feel like I am creating a visual, emotional time machine.


I am ready to go – this is my story!

Tree-lined avenue

Walking down memory lane

Photography is for me a way to see life, it is like an open book where you can write your story. I understood this thanks to Instagram, by observing the work of so many people endowed with a special talent and a natural curiosity.

My goal is to study, learn and improve myself every day. I was given a Canon T6i for Christmas, and now every
day is a new discovery. I have not fully explored my camera yet, but I cannot wait for my next trip to keep on searching for new alleys and charming streets. Chapter one is about to begin… I am ready to convey my emotions, I am ready to follow my dreams!

Heartfelt thanks you for your attention,

Michelle Nannini


To infinity and beyond


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My Instagram account: framesandescapes

My Instagram account: framesandescapes