Black and white pics – the magic of vintage

Black and white pics – the magic of vintage

December 18, 2018 20 By Lara

In the photography world, black and white shots deserve a separate chapter. That aura of mystery and that vintage flavour, immediately recall distant memories. For this reason, it is easy to let yourself be transported to a world that unfortunately no longer exists. But as nostalgic as I am, I like to live these dreams with open eyes and cultivate, even if only for a moment, the illusion of being able to rewrite history.

In this article I want to show you some of my black and white photos that I am more emotionally attached to.

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Fishermen’s boats – memories of distant summers

Boats in Mugardos

Boats in Mugardos

I took this picture two Summers ago in Mugardos, in Galicia.

As a child, I often used to go there on holiday with my parents, who love northern Spain.

Years later I wanted to come back to see how the place had changed. I did not find it so different from how I remembered it… Certainly more modern, but the atmosphere and the spirit of this wonderful seaside village have remained intact.

Back then, I used to watch the boats for hours, from the exact position in which I took the picture… By using black and white, I tried essentially to capture those moments of my childhood.

Beyond the sea – a mysterious people

The Estuary in Mugardos

The Estuary in Mugardos

Also this other photo was taken in Mugardos and represents one of the images – or better described as – one of the most recurring fantasies of my childhood.

I was absolutely convinced that the sea (actually an estuary) represented the boundary between the earth and another world. At some point then, I started saying that on the other side of the estuary there were alien people from space…
My father was forced to take me there so that I could relinquish this fantasy once and for all.

It was one of the best days of my life… I discovered that the alleged extra-terrestrials were actually very normal and above all very friendly people. How many pleasant memories!

The first time in the Canaries – back to the past

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

A view of Santa Cruz de Tenerife

After a year in London, I absolutely craved the sun and blue sky.

So, I chose the Canary Islands as a destination for a short holiday, in order to recharge the batteries a bit.

I took this picture a couple of hours after landing in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. It was a warm April morning and it did not seem possible to enjoy 25 degrees. But what struck me most was the view… Finally, I could see the horizon, the green, but above all the quality of light.

I love London but its skyscrapers were taking my breath away… Most of the buildings in Santa Cruz have a maximum of 3 floors. I seemed to go back 20 years, and so I decided to make the photo in black and white.


 The alleys – time capsules

An Alleyway in Genoa

An alleyway in Genoa

I talked about my passion for the alleys in my previous article: the charm they exert on me is indescribable.
Within them, is the visual history of a place, I see them as the guardians of customs and traditions. People in the alleyways tell their secrets and walk as if the whole world out there did not exist. As I look at this picture, my mind plunges back to the early 80s. I am woken up abruptly by the presence of the scooter on the left.  I am back in the present, but a part of me has remained there, to the point that I wonder if we are facing one of those objects of the future mysteriously grafted into some old image… Black and white magic.

Hanging clothes and old buildings – my grandmother’s tales

Buildings with hanging clothes

Buildings with hanging clothes

The last photo of this article is a tribute to my late grandmother and her goodnight stories when I was a child… She talked to me about the post-war period, about the reconstruction, about the life that was reborn and in all of this there were always numerous families and endless rows of clothes… This shot aged with black and white is a summary of what I imagined, when I fell asleep cradled by my granny’s sweet voice.

With a touch of emotion and so many sweet memories in my heart, I give you an invitation to the next article…