Author: Lara

Black and white pics – the magic of vintage

In the photography world, black and white shots deserve a separate chapter. That aura of mystery and that vintage flavour, immediately recall distant memories. For this reason, it is easy to let yourself be transported to a world that unfortunately no longer exists. But as nostalgic as I am, I like to live these dreams…

By Lara December 18, 2018 22

Italian alleyways – a day in Genoa

Whenever I visit a new place, I love to go on the hunt for hidden spots. Equipped with this spirit it was not difficult to fall in love with Italian alleyways. To be surrounded by art and architecture is an incredible experience. Walking in certain places is like taking a train to the past… A…

By Lara December 8, 2018 24

About Lara

WELCOME TO MY BLOG! My name is Lara, and I am an amateur photographer. I like to call myself a world observer who likes to seize the day with her camera. I firmly believe that an image is worth a thousand words: for this reason, when it comes to speaking my mind, I will let…

By Lara October 22, 2018 50