About Lara

About Lara

October 22, 2018 48 By Lara


My name is Lara, and I am an amateur photographer.

I like to call myself a world observer who likes to seize the day with her camera.

I firmly believe that an image is worth a thousand words: for this reason, when it comes to speaking my mind, I will let my pictures do the talking for me.


I started to love photography as a child, when on family Summer holidays or on sunny Sunday trips.

I perfectly remember the film camera my parents used and zealously guarded. It was actually a very cheap camera, but I saw it as that magic box that – once back home – would allow us to re-experience our holiday memories.

I was literally fascinated by that small object able to reproduce images and moments of life, especially because it was off limits for me. My parents, in fact, let me play with their camera, only after taking every single picture of the 36-exposure roll  (I had to wait for months at times 😀 ). When this happened, I would take imaginary pictures around the house, pretending to capture wonderful views.

Obviously, this small concession could not be enough for me and after a while I began to insistently ask for a camera all mine. A year later my consistency was rewarded: my parents realized mine was not just a whim and they bought me an Olympus for my tenth birthday!

I could not believe it, I was the happiest girl on earth, with the most beautiful camera in the world! Oh and my camera had also the coolest name in the world: Olympus… Wow, absolutely high-sounding!

Now, I could finally immortalize the places, the people and the details that I would otherwise have forgotten in time …


Growing up I would always carry my camera with me: it was both my travel companion and my best friend in every day life.

When people asked me why, my reply was rapid: “There are wonders everywhere and anything can happen at anytime. I do not want to miss anything!”

Unfortunately, (so far) I have not had the opportunity to travel a lot or at least as much as I wanted.

For this reason, I started to photograph the places around me from various angles or at different times of the day or year, trying to capture any different aspects. Today photography is more than just a hobby to me: I consider it a moment of reflection on the passage of time and the changes taking place.

In terms of work, I have made totally different choices in my life, so in photography, I can carve out some space to express my creativity and immortalize the present with my camera lens.

My favourite subjects to photograph are landscapes, old houses & buildings and alleyways & secondary roads. In them I try to spot details of nature, of the past or of every day life. My goal is to show the world the hidden gems that our hectic schedules keep us from noticing. A photograph tells a story that, in turn, conveys memories and sensations: my camera is always ready to immortalize the most intense moments.


I have been taking photos with my mobile phone for several years now and in addition to having a perpetual full storage on any device I own, one fine day I realized I had piled up about fifty thousand shots. I therefore decided to publish them first on Instagram and later on this blog. Whenever I publish a photo, not only do I address photography’s lovers or people looking for new places to visit, I also address the ones who cannot travel. I think that seeing a beautiful place – even without having been there – can generate positive vibes, convey feelings and make people want to learn more.

In any case, we never know what the future holds for us: tomorrow we might get to visit new places and as far as I am concerned, I would definitely choose those, whose pictures conveyed the strongest emotions to me.

By interacting online with other users I have found that transmitting emotions through photography is extremely rewarding.

Every time one of my Instagram followers or one of my blog’s readers thanks me for letting them know a new place or for reminding them of a pleasant period of their lives, I feel like telling a new story and sharing some new shots.

All this has further increased my love for photography and has enabled me to fine-tune my creativity. I doubt I can thank everyone enough for their appreciation, but I promise that I will keep on taking pictures with the best camera on the market: PASSION!

If you ever want to share a thought or have any questions about my pictures, please feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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