Abandoned houses, buildings and nostalgia – the romantic side of architecture

Abandoned houses, buildings and nostalgia – the romantic side of architecture

December 28, 2018 54 By Lara

Houses and buildings hold a special place in my photographic heart. Be they old or new, I love talking pictures of the buildings that captivate me. Yet, I have a particular predilection for abandoned houses.

Being incurably nostalgic as I am, a mere glance at such constructions is all it takes for me to travel back in time and imagine having lived therein. It is as if the house were talking to me, telling me about its past, when it was “young” and beautiful.

This strange form of empathy has led me to producing a vast collection of shots. Below are some of the most significant.

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Blue skies and children having fun – the old apartment building

Abandoned apartment building

Abandoned apartment building

This old abandoned building is surrounded by an expansive lawn still adorned by swings that have since been given over to rust.

Who knows how much joy there was during those endless summer days, where the sun never seemed to set and the children never ceased to play.

By closing my eyes, I can hear their squeals and sense the atmosphere of serenity that marked such moments.

I wonder what the people who lived there are doing today and why they abandoned their homes. What happened? Why did it all come to an end? A grey tear emerges along one façade of the building.

 Old but elegant – class never dies

Elegant building

Elegant building

This building bewitched me from the outset… Its structure, its tones and the architectural style render it utterly remarkable in my eyes.

I was on holiday in Galicia (yet again) when I first saw it but because it was raining on that day, I wanted to return when the sun was shining, in the hope of capturing rays of light reflecting on the façade.

Unfortunately, I did not choose the right time, yet the little light that I did manage to capture was intense enough to make the central terrace appear golden.

You know, elegance attracts elegance.


The abandoned house – a young girl’s tears

Abandoned detached house

Abandoned detached house

To be honest, this building did not capture my attention at first… All that changed when I shifted my gaze a tad and spied a small mural depicting the head of a girl in tears, with a heart sketched beneath.

I was immediately moved, imagining that the artist behind the artwork was the old owner of this house, with all their pain illustrated right there.

The picture captures just a fraction of the building, that is actually a rather large house. In the good old days, I imagine that it would have been a wonderful place to live in. It is all too easy to identify with the suffering of those who had to leave this house.

More murals – the art of paying tribute

Murals on an abandoned house

Murals on an abandoned house

The initial impression is that these are different ways of expressing the pain of losing one’s home.
Sadness predominated in the murals shown in the previous shot. This one, instead, depicts people, colours and even an elegantly-dressed woman with  a bouquet of flowers.

Obviously, this is mere speculation, yet it truly seems like a tribute to the home in which one has lived for years and where so many wonderful memories have been forged.

The only certainty is that we are facing another abandoned building where, in any case, melancholy was not the ultimate victor…

For here, there is only gratitude.

Country houses – memories of a simple life

Country houses

Country houses

I wish to conclude this article by posting a snapshot depicting attached rural houses that have been abandoned.

My mind wanders back to the stories my grandparents told of when they were farmers, toiling in the fields and the reciprocal help that all families in the neighbourhood would offer each other. It was not an easy life, but it was certainly simple and serene.

Evidently, at some point the inhabitants of these two houses were forced to move to the big smoke in search of a better fortune. Yet, after who-knows-how-many years, their homes are still intact, symbolising the strong bond that existed between the two families.

Homes grow old, but they never stop recounting our lives…

See you for the next article!


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