A breakthrough photography story – finding myself again

A breakthrough photography story – finding myself again

February 24, 2019 160 By Kayleigh

It is cliché to say that “I am not a photographer but”… This is a breakthrough photography story.

Last year I decided to find an interest, a hobby to find myself again. Not just the Kayleigh who wakes up every morning, pretty much groundhog day. A different Kayleigh, one to share with the world.
I grew up in a quiet village in Cambridge, England. Obviously with the changing face of our towns and cities, it is less quiet than what it used to be. I was fortunate enough to live for six months in Turkey (Antalya), and I still holiday there every summer. I already have some new ideas for this Summer, which I am so excited to try out. I am hoping they will look as good, as I imagine in my head (and yes expect plenty of beach shots) 🙂

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First steps on Instagram – from private to public

Sweeping the clouds away

Sweeping the clouds away

I started my page in 2017, and it had been intended as private and personal, sharing photos of my life between England and Turkey. However request after request crept in, to the point I could not keep up. I remember looking at the seven-hundred plus follow requests, and thinking “I cannot do this”. So I set my page to public, it was then up to people if they wanted to follow or not. Taking the burden of me accepting the requests. After I opened my page to public, and interest grew, I decided to take a more serious approach.
Having family in Turkey, I got the opportunity to start practicing taking (these “serious”) photos there. I could try to improve my photos/page, whilst also collecting happy Summer memories, not just of my own, but of those around me too. I still live in hope that one day, someone will recognise themselves in my shots, and let me know. It has made me wonder, how many photos I have managed to appear in of other peoples too.

Learning by doing – I am perfectly imperfect

Thoughtful selfie

My perfect imperfection

My favourite shots are beach shots, something about the colours of the beach, and the happy relaxed vibe that people around give off. I have to admit some of these summer shots were not perfect, and I pretty much shared them straight from phone to profile. In my excitement I wanted to share them straight away, because I thought they were really good. I mean they were nice shots, but not eye-catching enough. Looking back I realised just how dull some of my photos looked.
Prior to last year’s holiday, and before I had taken on my “serious” approach. My profile was pretty much a random collection of shots from over the years. Thinking about it, my profile pretty much reflects me. Not quite sure which direction to go in, or should we say a perfectly imperfect creation.

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Personal evolution – on the hunt for beauty

Stone beach

The endless stone beach

Having said that, I have some well respected photographers (at least in my opinion) follow me, which has been a double-edged sword. In one way it has been a confidence boost, yet there is the pressure to keep my standards up. Even though I cannot help slip the odd selfie or 3…4… in.

I think most of us can relate, when I say I used to be someone who would let the world pass by each day, not appreciating – despite my own problems, and what else was going on in the world – how we actually live on a beautiful planet. Now when I see a sunset, I appreciate its beauty. The colours of each season, the blossoming of flowers and blooming of trees. Which is lucky as I now live near some woods, so there are trees galore. I am currently hunting some beautiful blossom trees, so I can fill my page with some pink. Lovely fresh pink shots, but spring has not fully arrived in Cambridge, yet. There is the odd creeping of pink, but not enough to satisfy me yet. The trees are still pretty much bare from the neverending Winter we seemed to have here. Although we did not have the massive snowfall that was predicted. But I think my instafriends in Norway and The USA took all the snow, from what I could see.

An only choice – but I made the most of it

Blue tree

Blue tree

It was never my intention to become a “nature photographer”, but with my limited opportunities, and lack of free time, I have tried to show that anywhere can be beautiful. You do not have to spend lots of money, travel to exotic destinations (although I would not complain if the opportunity comes my way). Even a flower in a back garden, a tree in the park. Some of my photos on my page, are taken in local parks, gardens etc. Anybody can pick up a camera or take their phone, and help us collect beautiful images of this world we are all living in.
Thank you very much in advance for taking time to read my post and look at my pictures. A special thanks to Lara for the invitation. It has been an honour to give you a post.

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