Month: April 2019

The colors of poetry – evolution of my heart

Never in my life had I written a poem, then weeks ago I met Molly Gentzsch, one of my last guest posters. Her beautiful mind has opened a whole new world to me. What a blessing! I thought that photography was my only way to convey my feelings and my emotions… I was utterly wrong.…

By Lara April 30, 2019 126

My beautiful world – photography, travel and Vermont

Hello to my fellow photography buffs and welcome to my beautiful world! My name is Elaine and I live in Upstate New York. I grew up in Massachusetts in a house my great-grandfather built. I was lucky to live in a home with both my parents and my maternal grandparents. After all, when I asked…

By Elaine April 26, 2019 60

I chose to live! – from sadness to pics, poetry and adventures

Below is my story… A story of how I broke free from sadness, to embrace pics, poetry and adventure! Hello, readers! My name is Molly Gentzsch, and I live in Salem, Oregon. It is a city that has not been too kind to me, but I keep coming back to it. I guess I tend…

By Molly Gentzsch April 2, 2019 124
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