Month: February 2019

A breakthrough photography story – finding myself again

It is cliché to say that “I am not a photographer but”… This is a breakthrough photography story. Last year I decided to find an interest, a hobby to find myself again. Not just the Kayleigh who wakes up every morning, pretty much groundhog day. A different Kayleigh, one to share with the world. I…

By Kayleigh February 24, 2019 160

Nature and photography – a common path

First and foremost, I would like to thank my friend Lara, for her willingness to present her readers with the work and the approach of different photographers from all around the world. This leads us to push our limits and give our best. I cannot wait to talk about my love for nature and photography.…

By Jenna Raine February 17, 2019 118

Photography is life – it is my life

Hello everyone! My name is Aspasia Zografou and I am from Greece. I have loved photography ever since I can remember, I have always felt naturally attracted to cameras. Why do I love it? Because photography is life! The moment I click the button and capture an image, a feeling or a certain memory for…

By Aspasia Zografou February 9, 2019 126

Mine is a photolife – a hobby turned lifestyle

Hi everyone and thanks Lara for the invitation. My name is Tim Rosche and I am from Canada. So why did I choose photography as a hobby? Well, in many ways, I feel I did not choose it, as much as it chose me to the extent that mine has become a photolife! You see…

By Tim Rosche February 3, 2019 96
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