Month: January 2019

Shot with love – because love knows no limits

Hi everyone! I am Rit, and today I have this amazing opportunity to be able to showcase some of my Photography work with you all. I cannot thank Lara enough for this! She is a lovely, kind person and has an extremely magnetic personality. Lara, keep being awesome the way you are! I have a…

By Rit January 22, 2019 38

My photography life -dreaming big

First and foremost, thanks Lara for giving me the chance to guest post on your blog and talk about my photography life. Hello everyone, my name is Anas Shami. I am from Pakistan and I am a nature enthusiast. In addition to that, I am also an amateur photographer. By combining these two interests of…

By Anas Shami January 16, 2019 48

Natural sceneries – when the landscape reflects your mood

When I photograph natural sceneries, I do not simply try to capture the beauty of each location, but I also and especially seek to convey my state of mind. Over the years, I have created a sort of visual diary, in which each landscape captured is associated with a title and a description of my…

By Lara January 11, 2019 78
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